Exteriors & Gardens Gallery

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Landscaping & Patio

Raised Beds & Slabbed Base

Patio, Walls, Water Features & Lights

Pavierstones, Sleepers, Plants & Barkchip

Patios & Stepping Stones

New Slabs on Raised Patio (No Jointing)

Replace Window with Door in Converted Barn

Bridge Ballustrade Repairs

Large Patio & Chippings

Replacement Panel Fencing

Landscaping, Fences, Gates, Patio, Paths & Balcony Decking

Replacement Back Gate

Replacement Garage Roof & Facias

Painting Pebble Dash

Paint/Stain Picket Fence & Erect New Fence in Playground

Custom Double Mesh Trellis Panels & Pergola Arch

Stock Fence & Gates