Property Maintenance

I started working in the construction trade working as a Floor & Wall tilers labourer whilst I was still in college training as an engineer in the early 1990's. I soon became proficient at the trade myself and was taken on by the owners of the company to complete tiling jobs on my own during my college holidays. Over the years I complemented this original trade with many additional skills that nowadays allow me to offer a pretty much one stop service for property maintenance.


But, should a job require skills I don't have, for example I don’t do any Gas related work, I have an extensive network of highly skilled and reputable tradesmen that I can rely on to help me complete the job for you. If this is required, I arrange for you to meet with them and once you agree to them doing the work, I either leave them deal direct with you if it’s a large isolated job, or if it’s a smaller part of a project I’m undertaking for you, I would normally employ them directly so that you, the client, only have to deal with one person, me. It keeps things straightforward.